Why Videos Make A Difference On Websites

Smartvideoplus is a plug-in that allows videos to be shown on websites in ways desired and controlled by the website owner. But why put a video on a website? What benefits does it convey?

The fact is that video is hugely effective as a marketing tool. That people like videos is clear from the fact that the biggest video website, YouTube, has more Vimeo Logothan one billion unique visitors every month. That’s a staggering figure – and yet, YouTube may be overtaken; Vimeo has twenty million users and they are going up quickly since professionals made it clear that Vimeo was their video site of choice. In the UK, one person in three watches an online video every week. Nielsen research reveals that 64% of marketers are placing video first in their online marketing strategy. Cisco says that by 2017 69% of Internet traffic will be videos.

That isn’t just a trend – figures like that say “This is what people want to see on websites”. And, if it’s what people want to see, savvy website owners will give it to them.

The impulse to video becomes even stronger when there are complex ideas to explain. If it’s true that a picture paints a thousand words then a video must be worth close to a million. Over and over again, Internet users seeking advice on how to do something choose the link that takes them to an explanatory video – because watching an expert in action is the best way to learn.

Video gives the opportunity to use actors, to pick up product and show it to the visitor, to move among charts and pictures in a way that interprets them far better than text ever can and to tell stories.

What is important, though, is to remember that video on its own is not (and never can be) the whole solution. There needs to be teaser text (and perhaps animation) encouraging the visitor to click on the video link. A message that isn’t delivered is no better than no message at all.