We might as well write that question as What Is Smartvideoplus.com? Smartvideoplus.com can turn a WordPress site into a video site; it allows videos from any site, anywhere, to be embedded without using embed tokens. The admin panel lets the user add videos and, because smartvideoplus is (SMART) the videos can come from any site that provides an embed code. There are no limitations at all. But that is not its only use.

Smartvideoplus has been around for seven years and the technology is proven. Videos are one of the most popular features on websites and a powerful tool in blog and website promotion. Using smartvideoplus in conjunction with the SEO measures described here will push sites up the rankings.

There is the option, when installing the plugin with a supplied theme, to turn an existing website into what amounts to a video CMS (Content Management System) rather than a blog and another option (they are not mutually exclusive – both can be used together) to plug smartvideoplus into the VideoSwiper app to mass-embed videos – but that has a cost and is not, per se, a smartvideoplus operation.

While standalone videos are the most effective marketing tools for products sold off websites, a different type of site can be created with multiple video installations backed by playlists, sharing, shuffling and other features that create a “jukebox” vibe.

The alternative to a plug-in is to embed code, but the drawback here is the risk of broken links and the lack of control.

Any business wanting to improve its SEO ranking and increase its sales should consider using videos on its website. Smartvideoplus is the perfect way to do that.