What Makes A Good Video For A Website?

Leaving aside the very obvious fact that a video should be professional in appearance – something that reminds the visitor of a neighbour’s shaky holiday reminiscences will be an immediate turnoff – some subjects will get better rankings than others. Here are some suggestions.


Showing how the product works will remove doubt from the minds of many customers. A demonstration video needs to be scripted and rehearsed so that nothing goes wrong and the script should be delivered faultlessly without lots of play-1073616_960_720“Ums” and “Ers”. If the narrator makes any mistakes at all, the video must be reshot. Any possible suggestion of amateurishness must be avoided.

Product development

Videos that show how a product was developed and what problems it was intended to solve will always get good results. People like to feel that they are part of the development of the products they buy, and getting the product development story in a way that is easy to absorb (and repeat to others) reinforces that feeling.


Getting good reviews and comments on a website is always a plus because it reinforces in the potential customer’s mind the idea that this is a good product that other people – people like the potential customer – have found to be a good buy. The problem with text testimonials is that they are rarely read with any attention. Having the testimonial on a video changes this.


The benefit of interviews will vary according to the type of product but – for example – publishers can get enormous returns on author interviews in which someone talks to the author about a book, the author’s reasons for writing it, the research that went into it – the list of possibilities is endless. Interviews with satisfied customers can also be beneficial (see Testimonials above) and if there is an interest group, focus group or other forum connected with the company and/or the product, videoing part of one of their meetings can be of great benefit.