What Is The Best Way To Make A Video?

Of course, Quentin Tarantino would have a different answer to that question, but his are not the kind of films that most people want on their websites.

The cost of recording a video is within the reach of most businesses. Equipment videomakingcosts less now than it did even ten years ago and processing software has also fallen in price.

Making videos is still not something that can be done casually.

Write the script

Don’t attempt to make a video without first setting out in detail:

  • Exactly what is to happen on screen
  • If there is a soundtrack, what words it is to contain

Having done that, make a list of all the props and gather them together. That should include:

  • The camera
  • A tripod to hold it
  • Lighting
  • A microphone capable of recording high quality sound


Ensure all cast members and assistants know exactly what they’re required to do. Rehearse the whole video at least once and ideally more before beginning to shoot. Find out where the problems are, because there will be some. Change the script, change the plan, change the props – do whatever has to be done to get rid of those problems.


Now shoot the video. Don’t let the fact that it’s already been rehearsed prevent further changes being made if the result is less than 100% satisfactory.

Process and test

There is no shortage of free or low-cost programs that will carry out the sort of video editing needed for this purpose (once again, Quentin Tarantino no doubt uses something different). When the processing has been completed, test the video by showing it to people. People inside the company and people outside as well as people who know the business and people who don’t. If the general response suggests that it needs to be done again, don’t ignore that.


Now take your finished video and use smartvideoplus to get it online.