People Love Video On Websites

People love video on websites. Not just video – any kind of image, as well as audio files – but it’s video that we are talking about here.

When websites began (and it seems so long ago now that it’s difficult to remember, and yet in reality it’s almost like yesterday), they were a bit like the Model T Ford as described by founder Henry Ford (“You can have any colour you like, as long as it’s black”) in that you could have any form of content you wanted – as long as it was text. Nothing else worked. It was text or it was nothing.

Then it became possible to post pictures and simple graphics and everybody had to have th3807923818_c55c4bec34em because they looked so good. For those who were old enough, it was a reminder of the days when colour television replaced the monochrome version. The colour wasn’t the best but at least it was there.

Website design has come a huge distance since those days. Instead of being a place for geeks and the followers of obscure fashions, the Web is now a place where you can buy and sell almost anything and the competition has become so great that a whole new SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) industry has grown up to try to give an individual website an edge over the competition. One of the things that designers have discovered takes us back to how we started this page: People love video on websites.

In a way, SEO practitioners wish they didn’t because search engines can’t see video (they can’t see images, either – and nor can they hear audio tapes) so the SEO ninjas have had to find ways to tell the search engines that the video/image/audio is there. They have to do it, though, because video sells. The purpose of this website is to tell you about the best WordPress video plug-in ever written: smartvideoplus.