Other Reasons For Using Video On Web Pages


Every company needs to think hard about the image it shows to the world. Because a website can be seen almost anywhere in the world, the Web is a great leveller. A good website can be as potent as a large shopfront in former times in persuading potential customers that a company is solid and worth doing business with. Videos are tremendously helpful in boosting image in this way.

Mobile compatibility

The number of people who browse the Web on mobile devices is high (especially among young people) and getting higher every month. Making sure that a videohtmlwebsite is clearly visible on a wide range of screen sizes is already important and will become more so. Videos are one item that appears on webpages that can be seen without compromise in quality or size on virtually any size device. For that reason alone, putting a video on a page is well worth doing.


No, this is not a suggestion that the website owner should arrange to marry; it’s about getting people to engage positively with a website, come back to it frequently and share links with it. Videos do that, simply because people are so used to them.


There is lots of research data to say that the response rate to videos is very high. Perhaps the most persuasive was carried out by the Kelsey Group who said that, of those who watched a video advertisement online, 43% carried on to check out the website in detail. That compares with the less than 1% click through rate from people who see a link on Facebook. And it’s better than that, because there is now technology that allows short extracts from a video to be embedded in a Facebook post or a tweet so that readers can click through to the website to get the full story.