How Videos Boost SEO Rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is vitally important to any website owner. The SEO ranking dictates where a website appears on the list produced by a search; a website that is not on the first page might as well be on the thousandth page because it’s very unlikely that the searcher will go beyond page one. To check where you are you can use a  google serp rank tracker.

Videos can help. At first sight, that seems strange because search engines can’t see videos. (Or images of any kind. Or audio tapes). What the SEO specialist has to do is to index the videos in such a way that they are picked up by the search engine.

Before uploading the video to WordPress, give it the same title as the article in which it will be located. That title should ideally be a keyword phrase that has been defined as likely to bring visitors to the website. Then, when the video is uploaded, copy and paste that same keyword phrase (the optimised title) into the Alternate Text box, the Cseoaption box and the Description box. Now when the search engine crawls over the page, it will “see” the video by virtue of “seeing” the keywords attached to it.

Some researchers have found that a video indexed in this way can increase the likelihood that the search engine will rank the page much more highly than a text page by as much as fifty times, and that is well worth taking trouble for.

Other ways in which a video on a page can increase the page’s SEO ranking are:

  • By persuading visitors to stay on the page a lot longer than they would otherwise – research suggests that 60% of visitors will spend at least two minutes looking at a video about a product they are considering buying and more than 30% will watch for three minutes or more
  • By increasing the Click Through Rate – Hub TV says that putting video on a Home Page can increase click throughs by as much as 30%.