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SmartVideoPlus is a WordPress Video Plugin That Will Convert Any Default WordPress Into a Full Blown Video Content CMS…

There must be millions of WordPress websites online today including all the hosted ones by WordPress themselves, imagine then due to video and media been so popular now that many of these WordPress users want to include videos into their blogs.

It’s been a few years since actual WordPress video plugins became more than just a pain in the ass to install and add content having to use set codes and tokens and not been able to embed videos from any other website than YouTube.

At least now when searching for a good WordPress video plugin there are many variations and SmatVideoPlus been one of them, of course our plugin is not really designed to add the odd video here and there as there are many other great wizzmusic.complugins that can do that, ours is more to create a full tube site which although powered by WordPress it behaves more like a video website.

This powerful wordpress video plugin can work standalone or can be optimized with our video theme. WordPress is well known for been a real search engine magnet with most blogs catching www.oobby.com daily visits from Google, so it makes good sense to use WordPress video plugins for your websites…

WordPress Video

SmartVideoPlus WordPress Video Plugin

FREE WordPress Video Plugin SmartVideoPlus the easiest & fastest way to embed media into your blogs & the search engines absolutely love it…

SmartVideoPlus is one of the easiest & most simple forms of video embedding for your programme-tv.net blogs because it’s been developed to make embedding videos a one step copy & paste solution without the need for special tags or codes or a play onlinehttp://www.jeux-de-mario.com mario games restricted list of supported video sites to embed from.

Your WordPress video blogs can be turned into fully functional video CMS sites seo optimized as blogs for Google but displaying as video websites to your visitors.

We have developed both a standalone WordPress video plugin where you can use your own WordPress themes or you can use the modified WordPress video theme supplied with the plugin which has been fully adapted to work as a video CMS and not so much a blog.

The non theme version is a simple WordPress video plugin like any other WordPress plugin and once installed and enabled is ready for you to start adding videos from the (post) menu in your WordPress admin panel, remember there are no video website restrictions so you can embed using this method from just about any website supporting video embedding.

What makes this WordPress Video plugin so unique is it’s flexability to not only work stand alone but to be used with our supplied theme which has had many changes made to it to display videos and players in a way that looks more like a video script than a WordPress blog, you can see a full working demo of our theme using the WordPress video plugin from the links on this page.

What’s more this WordPress video plugin is already developed & programmed to be used with VideoSwiper & can turn this WordPress video plugin into a fully automated version which will auto embed thousands of videos to your blogs daily from any niche or keywords, again with over 50 top video sharing sites to choose where your media comes from, this version is the paid version and requires an account at VideoSwiper to use the plugin.

Add Over 300 Million Videos…

  • Search Videos From Over 50 Top Video Search Engines!
  • Choose Videos From Over 300 Million Pre Cached Media Files ready for transfer!
  • No hotlinking to the video thumbnails as all thumbs are stored on your WP server
  • Mass Embed Directly to Your WordPress without downloading!
  • Change All The Video Meta Titles, Descriptions & Keywords on the fly!
  • No Downloading, No Uploading, No Copy & Paste, No Duplicate Media!

The fully automated WordPress video plugin version is the very best option, as you can see from the info above it pretty much covers everything and does all the work for you…

Adding Video to This WordPress Video Plugin is Just so EASY!!!

It doesn’t come any easier than this when adding new videos to your WordPress video website, a simple form allows you to add media from absolutely any website that supports embed code…

Simply fill out the (add new video) form in your Word Press admin panel and click save, your new video will be displayed on your WordPress video theme using the CSS and layout of the SmartVideoPlus plugin, NO embedded players are used to display posts until the visitor actually clicks to view the blog post page which is one of the thinge we grew to hate about most of the other WordPress video plugins available. because you ended up with 10 or even 20 YouTube players down every page making any blog look unsightly.

SmartVideoPlus uses (SMART) CSS on the fly to display all your videos in an ordered and well displayed manner, all videos on your blog pages are simply shown as video thumbnails with, titles, descriptions and tags relating to that video next to the thumbnail. You can learn more about this plugin and the themes and CSS from our page where we explain in more detail how this WordPress Video Plugin works & remember is 100% FREE to download & start using today!

Also read more about the awesome video search engine used to power the video embedding on your WordPress video website…